Biến Tần Inverter DL-9600 Series

Biến Tần Inverter DL-9600 Series

biến tần inverter 9600
Tên sản phẩm: Biến tần inverter 9600(Điện 380V)
Giá sản phẩm: Liên hệ
Nhà sản xuất: Dolin
Tình trạng: Còn hàng
Bảo hành:  18 tháng


High Performance Vector Frequency Inverter
Model Number, Specification and Technical Standard
biến tần inverter 9600


Voltage (V) 220V 220V 380V 460V 575V 660V
(1F) (240V) (415V) (440V)
Power (KW) Current (A) Current (A) Current (A) Current (A) Current (A) Current (A)
0.4 2.5 2.5
0.75 4 4 2.5 2.5
1.5 7 7 3.7 3.7
2.2 10 10 5 5
4 16 16 8.5 8
5.5 20 20 13 11
7.5 30 30 16 15
11 42 42 25 22 17 15
15 55 55 32 27 22 18
18.5 70 70 38 34 26 22
22 80 80 45 40 33 28
30 110 110 60 55 41 35
37 130 75 65 52 45
45 160 90 80 62 52
55 200 110 100 76 63
75 260 150 130 104 86
83 320 170 147 117 98
110 380 210 180 145 121
132 420 250 216 173 150
160 550 300 259 207 175
187 600 340 300 230 198
200 660 380 328 263 218
220 720 415 358 287 240
250 470 400 325 270
280 520 449 360 330
315 600 516 415 345
375 680 600 450 390
400 750 650 520 430
450 820 720 650 465
500 900 800 700 550
560 1000 900 780 590
630 1100 1000 850 680

Technical Standard of 9600 Series Frequency Inverter

Item Standard
Basic function Maximum frequency Vector control: 0~ 3200Hz V/F control: 0~ 3200Hz
Carrier frequency 0.5kHz~16kHz, auto adjust the carrier frequency according to the load characteristics.
Input frequency resolution Digit setting: 0.01Hz, simulation setting: maximum frequency x0.025%
Control Open-loop vector control (SVC), open-loop vector control (FVC), V/F control
Start torque Model G: 0. 5Hz/150% (SVC) :0Hz/180%
Model P: 0. 5Hz/ 100%
Speed regulation 1: 100 (SVC) 1: 1000 (FVC)
Steady speed accuracy ±0.5% (SVC) ±0.02% (FVC)
Torque control accuracy ±5% (FVC)
Overload ability Model G: 60 seconds for 150% of rating current and 3 seconds 180% of rating current.
Model P: 60 seconds for 120% of rating current and 3 seconds 150% of rating current.
Torque upgrade Auto torque upgrade; manual torque upgrade 0.1%~ 30.0%.
V/ F curve Three methods: Linear, multi-point, N-order V/F curve
(1.2 order, 1.4 order, 1.6 order, 1.8 order and 2 order)
V/ F separation Two methods: full separation and half separation.
Acceleration/deceleration curve Linear or S curve acceleration and deceleration. Four kinds of acceleration and deceleration time, whose range is 0.0~ 6500.0s.
DC brake Linear brake frequency: 0.00Hz~ maximum frequency, brake time: 0.0s~36.0s, brake current: 0.0%~ 100.0%.
Jog control Jog frequency: 0.00Hz~50.00Hz, jog acceleration and deceleration time: 0.0s~6500.0s.
Simple PLC, multi-step run 16-step run can be implemented by built-in PLC or control terminals.
Built-in PID Conveniently implement the process to control the close-loop control system.
Auto voltage regulation (AVR) When the voltage on the power network changes, it can automatically remain constant.
Over-voltage/over-current control The current and the voltage is automatically limited during the operation to avoid frequent trip.
Quick current limit The maximum limit reduces the over-current fault to protect the normal run of the frequency inverter.
Torque limit and control Based on the “excavator” characteristic, the torque is automatically limited during the operation to avoid frequent trip; the close-loop vector mode can implement the torque control.

Customized Function

Outstanding performance Implement asynchronous motor control with high performance current vector control.
Instantaneous non-stop Compensate for voltage drop by the energy fed by the load during instantaneous power failure to keep the frequency inverter running in short time.
Quick current limit Avoid the frequent faults for the frequency inverter.
Virtual IO Five sets of virtual DIDO can implement simple logic control.
Timing control Timing control: set 0.0 ~ 6500.0 minutes.
Multi-motor change Two sets of motor parameter can implement the change between two motors.
Multiple protocols Four communication protocols: Modbus, Profibus- DP, CANlink, and CANopen.
Over-temperature protection of motor Optional IO expansion card 1, where the simulation input AI3 can accept the input from the motor temperature sensor (PT100, PT1000).
Multiple encoders Support the differential, open-collector, UVW, rotary transformer and sinusoidal encoders.
Powerful backstage software Support the operation of the inverter parameter and virtual oscilloscope. With the virtual oscilloscope, the status in the frequency inverter can be graphically monitored.
Command source Operation panel, control terminal, series communication port, and multiple changes.
Frequency source Ten frequency sources: digit, simulation voltage, simulation current, pulse, series port, and multiple changes.
Auxiliary frequency source Ten auxiliary frequency sources, which can flexibly fine-tune the auxiliary frequency and make the frequency synthesis.
Input terminal Standard:
Five digital input terminals, where one of them can support 100kHz pulse input.
Two simulation input terminals, where only one can support 0~ 10V input.
One terminal supports 0~ 10V or 0~ 20mA input.
Five digit input terminals
One simulation input terminal supports – 10V~10V input and PT100/ PT1000.
Output terminal Standard:
One pulse output terminal (optional for open collector) supports 0~100kHz square signal output.
One digit output terminal and one relay output terminal.
One simulation output terminal supports 0~20mA or 0~10V output.
One digit output terminal and one relay output terminal.
One simulation output terminal supports 0~20mA or 0~10V output.

Display and Keyboard

LED display Display the parameters.
Parameter copy Quickly copy the parameters on the LCD.
Key lock and function selection Implement the partial or full key lock, and define the partial operations to avoid misuse.
Protection Short-circuit detection of motor, protection of phase reversal of input/output, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, phase reversal protection, over-temperature protection, and over-load protection.
Location Indoor, without direct sunlight, no dust, corrosive gas, flammable gas, grease, vapor, drop or salt.
Altitude Less than 1000m
Ambient temperature ambient temperature at 40℃~ 50℃, please derate to run
Humidity Less than 95%RH without water condensation.
Vibration  Less than 5.9m/ s2( 0.6g)
Storage temperature -20oC ~ +60oC


biến tần inverter 9600

Outstanding Performance of 9600 Series

9600 Series Frequency Inverter
9600 series frequency inverters are the mainstream models. Based on the customer requirement, high quality and reliability, 9600 series frequency inverters with the excellent performance and the powerful function will bring you a new experience.

Support the vector control for many motors.

  1. Support  the vector control of 3P AC asynchronous motor.
  2. Support  the vector control of 3P AC synchronous motor.
  3. Support  the vector control of the permanent-magnet synchronous motor with absolute position feeding.
biến tần inverter 9600dl


pic1_4 Characteristics of high start torque
9600 series frequency inverter can provide 150% of start torque at 0.5Hz (vector control without sensor) and 180% of zero-speed torque at 0Hz (vector control with sensor).


Support many encoders Excellent response
pic1_5 Differential encoder pic1_6 The torque response is < 20ms without the vector control of a sensor.
The torque response is < 5ms with the vector control of a sensor.
Open collector encoder
UVW encoder
Rotary transformer encoder

Novel vector control without speed sensor

The vector control without speed sensor can block the motion, and output 150% of the rating torque at 0.5Hz; The vector control without speed sensor can lower the sensitivity of the motor parameters and enhance the site adaption; The winding control can be applied for the situations where many motors drag the same load.


pic1_7 Protection of mechanical torque limit
9600 series frequency inverters can limit the torque. When the torque command exceeds the maximum torque that the motor can tolerate, the frequency inverters can limit the torque in the maximum setting torque to make the maximum efficiency and provide the more protection of the equipment.


Powerful Functions for 9600 Series Frequency Inverter
Virtual IO
Five sets of virtual DIDO can be set. The status of the virtual DI terminal can be directly supplied by the function code or bonded by the corresponding virtual DO.

Instantaneous non-stop
This function means the frequency inverter will not stop when the power instantaneously fails. In the circumstances of instantaneous power failure or sudden voltage drop, the frequency inverter lowers the output speed. With the energy fed by the load and the reduction of compensation voltage, the frequency inverter can continuously run in short time.


Flexible and practical simulation input/output
Each of simulation input (AI1~ AI3) can set a curve with four points individually.
AI1~ AI3 can be used to calibrate the linear curve on factory or on site, where the calibrated accuracy is 20mV;
AO can be used to calibrate the zero drift and the gain for the linear curve on factory or on site, where the calibrated accuracy is 20mV;
AI1~ AI3 can be used for DI;
AI1 has the isolated input, which can be used for PT100, PT1000 or ±10V input.

Motor over-temperature protection
The I/O expansion card can be chosen. The simulation input AI3 can accept the input from the temperature sensor (PT100, PT1000). When the motor temperature exceeds the threshold, the impulse signals from the frequency inverter will hint over-temperature. When the motor temperature exceeds the over-temperature value, the frequency inverter will output the fault to give the protection to the motor.



Quick current limit

The quick current limit can prevent the frequency inverter from frequent over-current alarm. When the current exceeds the protection point, the quick current limit can quickly limit the current within the protection point to further protect the equipment and avoid the sudden load or over-current alarm.


Multiple Motor change

Four sets of motor parameter not only can implement four motor changes, but also achieve the change between the synchronous motor and the asynchronous motor.


Simple Operation of 9600 Series Frequency Inverter
biến tần inverter 9600dl_1
Typical Wiring Diagram for 9600 Series Frequency Inverter

 sơ đồ biến tần inverter 9600

​Frequency Inverter Dimensions and Accessories
Guide to brake assembly
The following table is the guidance data, where a user can select the resistance and the power according to the actual conditions (The resistance must not be less than the recommended value in the table, but the power can be increased.). The brake resistor is selected according to the power generated by the motor in the actual applications, related to the system inertia, the deceleration time, the energy of potential load, depending on the customer requirements. The larger system inertia is, the shorter deceleration time is needed; the more frequent brake is applied, the larger power of the brake resistor is selected and the resistance is smaller.

Selection of resistance
During the brake, the recycling energy from the motor is almost consumed on the brake resistor.
According to the formula: U*U/ P= Pb
■ U in the formula – – –  brake voltage
(depending on the system, generally take 700V for 380VAC system)
■ pb— brake power

Power selection for brake resistor
In theory, the power for the brake resistor is consistent with the brake power. However, derating is considered as 70%.
According to the formula: 0.7*Pr=Pb*D
■ Pr–  resistance power
■ D— brake frequency (The recycling process shares the ratio of the whole work.)
Elevator — -20%~30%
unwind and wind —20%~30%
centrifuge  —50%~60%
Sudden brake load –5%
generally take 10%

Brake assembly table (Model G for example)

Voltage (V) Power Level Resistance (Ω) Capacity (Watt) Remark
220 0.4KW 200 80 Built-in brake unit
0.75KW 200 80 Built-in brake unit
1.5KW 100 150 Built-in brake unit
2.2KW 60 250 Built-in brake unit
3.7KW 40 300 Built-in brake unit
5.5KW 30 500 Built-in brake unit
380 0.75KW 360 200 Built-in brake unit
1.5KW 180 400 Built-in brake unit
2.2KW 180 400 Built-in brake unit
3.7KW 100 500 Built-in brake unit
5.5KW 100 500 Built-in brake unit
7.5KW 50 1000 Built-in brake unit
11KW 50 1000 Built-in brake unit
15KW 40 1500 Built-in brake unit
18.5KW 40 1500 Built-in brake unit
22KW 30 3000 The brake unit
can be customized
when ordering.
30KW 20 5000
37KW 20 5000
45KW 15 9600
55KW 15 10000
75KW 10 12000
93KW 8 20000
110KW 8 20000
132KW 6 25000
160KW 6 25000
 The discharge cycle is defined as 10%.


  1. The brake assemblies are used to consume some potential or energy fed from the load with larger inertia to the frequency inverter, which can avoid inverter trip owing to high voltage. They can be applied for the load with larger inertia and frequent brake or quick parking.
  2. The brake assemblies belong to peripherals. The brake unit is built in the inverter (0.75-18.5). If the brake function over 22kW is required, please order the inverter with the brake.
  3. Don’t directly connect the discharge resistor to the P or N terminal. If the inverter terminal is P or N, the discharge block must be additionally installed. If the brake assembly over 93KW is connected to the P or N terminal, please remind us before ordering.

General Inverter Diagrams and Dimensions


Inverter Dimension and Installation Opening List​

Model Number W
9100-1T-00040-G-B 85 77 140 132 125 Ø3
9X00-1T-00220-G-B 126 115 170 160 160 Ø4
9X00-3T-00400-G-B    9X00-3T-00550-P-B
9X00-1T-00400-G-B 150 134 220 203 172 Ø4
9X00-3T-00550-G-B    9X00-3T-00750-P-B
9X00-3T-00750-G-B    9X00-3T-01100-P-B
9X00-3T-01100-G-B    9X00-3T-01500-P-B 218 108 338 323 228 Ø9
9X00-3T-01500-G-B    9X00-3T-01850-P-B
9X00-3T-01850-G-B    9X00-3T-02200-P
9X00-6T-01100-G 265 130 430 420 240 Ø9
9X00-3T-02200-G    9X00-3T-03000-P    9X00-6T-01500-G
9X00-3T-03000-G    9X00-3T-03700-P    9X00-6T-01850-G
9X00-3T-03700-G    9X00-3T-04500-P    9X00-6T-02200-G
9X00-3T-04500-G    9X00-3T-05500-P    9X00-6T-03700-G 353 200 600 576 299 Ø11
9X00-3T-05500-G    9X00-3T-07500-P    9X00-6T-04500-G
9X00-3T-07500-G    9X00-3T-09300-P    9X00-6T-05500-G
9X00-3T-09300-G    9X00-3T-11000-P    9X00-6T-07500-G 397 300 684 600 336 Ø11
9X00-3T-11000-G    9X00-3T-13200-P    9X00-6T-09300-G
9X00-3T-13200-G    9X00-3T-16000-P    9X00-6T-11000-G
9X00-3T-16000-G    9X00-3T-18700-P    9X00-6T-13200-G
9X00-3T-18700-G    9X00-3T-20000-P    9X00-6T-16000-G 590 1114 410
9X00-3T-20000-G    9X00-3T-22000-P    9X00-6T-18700-G
9X00-3T-22000-G    9X00-3T-25000-P    9X00-6T-20000-G
9X00-3T-25000-G    9X00-3T-28000-P    9X00-6T-22000-G
9X00-3T-28000-G    9X00-3T-31500-P    9X00-6T-25000-G 692 1260 355
9X00-3T-31500-G    9X00-3T-37500-P    9X00-6T-28000-G
9X00-3T-37500-G    9X00-3T-40000-P    9X00-6T-31500-G
9X00-3T-40000-G    9X00-3T-45000-P    9X00-6T-37500-G 814 1624 430
9X00-3T-45000-G    9X00-3T-50000-P    9X00-6T-40000-G
9X00-3T-50000-G    9X00-3T-56000-P    9X00-6T-45000-G
9X00-3T-56000-G    9X00-3T-63000-P    9X00-6T-50000-G
9X00-3T-63000-G    9X00-3T-56000-G
9X00-3T-00750-ZS-B (integrated cabinet) 220 685 240
9X00-3T-00110-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)
​9X00-3T-01500-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)
9X00-3T-01850-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)
9X00-3T-02200-ZS-B (integrated cabinet) 285 700 270
9X00-3T-00300-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)
9X00-3T-03700-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)
9X00-3T-04500-ZS-B (integrated cabinet) 330 930 340
9X00-3T-05500-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)
9X00-3T-07500-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)

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